Digital Restoration

Only a few years ago, media library managers didn’t see the need for anything more than the digibeta tape that was used for standard DVD creation. Today, home video distributors, broadcasters and internet providers are looking for pristine quality Hi-Definition materials. Even material that was mastered in early days of HD is often lacking the quality controls of today’s HD and 3D standards.

In the last several years,TUNNEL has worked with several of the major studios to restore over 100 previously theatrical-released features for HD re-release on BluRay, HDTV and VOD. TUNNEL cleans, colors and archives these library assets, starting from standard def, D5 or inter-positive film masters. Titles largely date from the 90s but go as far back as 1930.

Having done restoration for all of the major studios in the US, TUNNEL has experience in fixing the most bizarre artifacts and problems as well as the pipeline experience to do it cost effectively.

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