Having been a part of several major manufacturers’ development of new technologies in both film and digital capture arenas, TUNNEL knows workflow… PERIOD.

We have been challenged with firsts in many things related to image capture. From the first Panasonic HD feature in 2002, to the first feature film digital intermediate on the Mac platform in 2004. Tunnel has been a cutting edge company from its inception and continues to push technology to support the creative process.

With rapidly changing digital acquisition each production needs a savvy team to help guide them through picking the right solution to each project.

What We Use


TUNNEL is equipped to handle a variety of shows; be it feature, TV or commercial editorial.

TUNNEL’s editorial staff includes everything from the most proficient online editors to real creative geniuses. TUNNEL editors have collectively cut more than three dozen independent feature films and several seasons of TV. With such strong technical and creative talent under one roof, we often act as an “all-in” post solution to see a producer’s project from editorial through to delivery. Having been through many tough TV and film schedules, we understand the real pressures of editorial deadlines and how it is not an option to sacrifice quality to hit a deadline. We understand that reputations ride on execution and as independent producers ourselves, we make it our part to do what we can to boost every project to the next level.

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