“Easy Money” (Media Rights Capital)

These guys are professionals in every sense, but more importantly, they are filmmakers and understand every viewpoint of the filmmaking process. I highly recommend TUNNEL POST to anyone who needs a complete picture post house…Moreover, TUNNEL is on the cutting edge of using the latest, and often money saving, technology and workflows, to accomplish whatever is needed.

“The Irishman”

For the post production of Jonathan Henseleys’ movie “The Irishman” I worked with TUNNEL POST for the DI. Frankly I had never heard of them before, and had hoped to work with Laser Pacific again. The Irishman was a tricky film to time – shot digital with Sony’s F23’s, a period drama with some stock footage of various qualities and some digital effects shots. The team at TUNNEL did a wonderful job to time the DI and was there for us every minute through the process. The software worked without a problem, and we were able to get everything done in less than two weeks. The film-out tracked without problems, and I am super happy with the result.

“Hesher”, “Sympathy for Delicious”, “Across The Hall”

I have done 5 films now with TUNNEL POST and they are probably one of the best in the industry in terms of delivering extremely high quality at a good price. All the filmmakers I have worked with alongside them rave about the quality and conscientiousness of their work. In short, if you have any reservations about them, you should not.


TUNNEL understands how much work a filmmaker puts into getting their vision on screen, and they have the tools to help realize that vision. Their entire staff was extremely helpful and paid attention to detail that was beyond all expectations. Their DI facilities and colorist were top notch and they make the process enjoyable from start to finish.

“Cabin Fever 2”

My experience at TUNNEL POST has been nothing but positive…I can’t thank them enough for their excellent professionalism, expertise and overall service. The color correction process at TUNNEL was one of the best I’ve experienced. I found myself constantly impressed with their system’s capabilities and looked forward to every day of DI spent in their exceptional screening room. TUNNEL POST is where art and commercialism can find a common ground. They have the creative team that can meet the high quality threshold required of independent filmmakers who want to compete in an over saturated marketplace and the business acumen to work within the confines of a smaller budget. My best advice to the indie producer is to go to TUNNEL first. TUNNEL is committed to reaching this goal and has the creative team to make sure that we can deliver.

“Gene Generation”, “Necromentia”

Given a choice of an ‘A’ list actor or the post production value Tunnel can provide, I’d choose the latter.

“Across the Hall” (Image Entertainment)

My experience at TUNNEL POST has been nothing but positive. I’m an extreme perfectionist, and therefore not the easiest person to make happy, but everyone I worked with or encountered at TUNNEL went out of their way to help me achieve my goals. I can’t thank them enough for their excellent professionalism, expertise and overall service. Furthermore, their facilities are comfortable and state of the art. The color correction process at TUNNEL was one of the best I’ve experienced. I found myself constantly impressed with their system’s capabilities and looked forward to every day of DI.

“You Kill Me”, “Giallo,” “Slammin Salmon,” “Housebroken,” “11-11-11″

They are young, enthusiastic, extremely creative guys, totally committed, with talent and integrity. The DI they delivered on You Kill Me was first rate. I have brought them several difficult projects and they have never let me down.

“The Bannen Way” (Sony)

TUNNEL POST  is an amazing one-stop shop for anything post-related. The team is young, talented and hungry. We had a very tight schedule for our project, The Bannen Way; and we needed titles, special effects, coloring, etc, and we needed it-not only fast-but great quality! And I am pleased to say that TUNNEL delivered. No matter what we threw at them, their motto seems to be: “Yes, we can do that!”

“The Wanted” (NBC)

Last year, I produced a one-hour prime time HD series for NBC entitled The Wanted. TUNNEL POST handled all of the final color and delivery to the network. One of the primary requirements given by the network for the series was that it had to have feature film quality image and color. What complicated the process was that the show was shot on several different formats varying from never-before-used prototype Panasonic HD cameras to standard definition hidden-cameras. Despite those hurdles, TUNNEL did such a good job finishing the show, even trained observers could not tell that the entire show had not been shot on one platform. Beyond the quality of delivery, we also asked TUNNEL to meet unprecedentedly tight delivery schedules and without fail, they delivered, sometimes before the required day.  The entire TUNNEL crew was available to my team day or night and made the post process extremely easy for us. In short, I will be working with TUNNEL POST on my upcoming shows and highly recommend them to anyone in need of a high-quality post house.

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