TUNNEL was started on the foundation of bringing high-end digital tools to filmmakers and enabling them to do more with less, bettering their ability to tell their stories.

We focus on doing synergistic bilateral business that betters the lives of our clients, our employees and ultimately the audiences that watch the films and TV we make. We are not afraid of hard work and look all challenges in the eye and only see opportunity. Spotting a good challenge is most often the same as spotting a need in the market or opportunity to improve. Pressure only means we are privileged.

We are a company about providing an avenue to make good films even better. We are about bringing passion to the roles we all play in creating content and in doing so that means inventing, invigorating and investing in several facets of the entertainment business, not just post production.

Lastly, we are about trying to find a way for our business to be sustainable in all facets.

  • The financing division balances financial engineering and strategy with creative vision. The art of the deal is just as important as the art itself.
  • The post house does great work at a good price while always bettering our craft by staying current with technology, workflow, and constantly innovating alongside our partners. Of course all of that comes with the overriding principal that we are lucky to do what we do, so we should not only enjoy it while in the process but also take a second to enjoy the talented people we have the privilege of working with. Everyone leaves TUNNEL with new friends, trusted colleagues, and strategic allies for navigating whatever lies ahead.
  • The consulting group seeks solutions to our clients’ needs that empower their business more than it does our own. Each time we do that, we win.
  • And all of the different areas of our company complement one another to ensure a creatively fulfilling, profitable, and sustainable future filled with personal and professional growth.

That is our company and we are proud of it.

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